Published: 2017-09-16 (last updated: 2018-01-18)

At robur, we build performant bespoke minimal operating systems for high-assurance services. With our approach to systems development we provide the following advantages for you:

  • cutting-edge systems programming and security research
  • systems based on the unikernel pioneer MirageOS
  • secure implementation guarded against memory corruption, type-level problems, leaky abstraction and unforeseen state
  • ready for the cloud, runs on all major hypervisors
  • instant boot (milliseconds)
  • competitive performance to C implementations
  • can target embedded devices, small size (~4% of UNIX based system), compilation to native code
  • minimal codebase without mutable state allows to reason about entire systems and adherence to specification
  • extensive library ecosystem, yet minimal trusted code base at runtime
  • rapid prototyping with a seamless path from prototype to production
  • possibility to formally verify important parts with a proof assistant

Our team is eager to develop applications for high assurance, which seamlessly integrate in your existing infrastructure. Contact us and we'll collaboratively develop a more secure architecture and a smooth migration plan for your organization. And we'll implement and deploy this together at your organization. We bring a variety of solutions, including basic network services, DNS, DHCP, TLS, persistent storage (like git), and are happy to expand these to your needs.

Take a look at our technology, learn about our concept and team or browse some projects. You can reach us by mail at